Reliv Independent Distributor
My Reliv Story
When I was 45 my life as I had known it changed.
Before Reliv I suffered from headaches, back discomfort, poor sleep, upset stomach and more.
When I was introduced to Reliv I was not interested. I had already worked with a doctor and taken many, many supplements which did nothing to improve my health.
Thankfully the woman who introduced me did not give up. She introduced me to some people who had great results on Reliv and I decided to make a 90 commitment. It took over 2 months of 3 shakes a day to see any improvement. 
Having found something to help me get my life back I was excited to share with others. I have helped people around the world. It has been a wonderful experience and I have made a great income.
Reliv has allowed me to take care of my parents and be with them in their home when they passed away. Now I can take care of my 7 grandchildren. 
Before Reliv I was not there for our youngest son. I was in bed.
Reliv has been an amazing gift for me and our family.

To add to my story - when CBD came out I was excited to try it. My last issue was my sleep disorder whiich had improved but I still did not sleep well.
Once I started on the CBD I was able to sleep better than I have in years. Another gift from Reliv!!